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New Media Operations Supervisor duties

Job responsibilities:

1.Be responsible for the enterprise Official account, Mini Programs, mobile Internet media platform for their release, maintenance, management, interaction, improve the promotion and dissemination of the company's brand efficiency to achieve fan value-added transformation;

2.Accurately grasp, excavate and analyze the user's demands, guide the user's behavior, improve the user's transformation, and promote the growth of user's key index in the platform by making different operation strategies and various operation means;

3.Be familiar with today's headlines, WeChat, Weibo, a bit of information, big fish number and other platform distribution rules and playing rules;

4.Analyze the operation data of the new media platform and lead the team to optimize the operation means purposefully;

5.To explore the new media resources and understand the rules of advertising in the mainstream media;

6.Assist the department to formulate a complete plan according to the needs of the company, be responsible for the implementation of the activities and the post-activity data extraction, analysis, summary and in your own way to publish and promote them.

Job requirements:

1.Have experience in operating WeChat public platform.

2.Be familiar with the new media operation mode, have good WeChat(Micro-blog)Relevant working experience in operation, activity planning and so on;

3.Be full of passion and exploration spirit, proactive and creative;

4.Have a good foundation of the writing and fine arts(Priority considered)Ability of expression, expression, communication and coordination;

5.Be sensitive to the hot events, news developments and other information, the strong grasp of the ability to organize the languages in a timely manner and to make a response;

6.Have large resources in WeChat, Weibo, self-media marketing or be good at webcast preferred.

Salary treatment

Basic salary 5000 yuan + Business commission +Five insurance one gold + All kinds of subsidies + Paid annual leave +Holiday benefits + Full-time award

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