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In January 2018, the "Tell the Chinese Story Well ·Spread the Chinese Culture" Was successfully held by the diplomats in Beijing.Song Ningjie, chairman of Ronghui Culture, enjoyed tea with a number of diplomats, and said that the art and culture of Chinese traditional handicrafts were inherited from the history.


In March 2017, the first batch of enamel products of the Beijing Master of Arts and Crafts Investment Fund and "Belt and Road""Shengshi bottle"The listing press conference were opened in Beijing's Poly Mansion.More than 500 arts and crafts leaders, experts, masters and cultural collectors, as well as embassy representatives from more than 10 countries, such as Iran, Vietnam, Mexico, and other countries gathered here along the route of Belt and Road,. Jointly witness the wonderful investment of the first investment fund enamel works debut.

In June 2017, “Belt and Road”, the center of the world stage, held a grand summit forum on film and television communication cooperation at the China Hotel in Beijing.During the forum, Song Ningjie, chairman of Beijing Ronghui Cultural Development Co., Ltd., was awarded the honorary certificate of "Image Ambassador of Film and Television Culture Communication".

In June 2017, “Belt and Road”, the center of the world stage, held a grand summit forum on film and television communication cooperation at the China Hotel in Beijing.At the forum, produced by the Beijing Ronghui Culture ""A dream of Red Mansions" Twelve" Art color plate and "The ten famous historical kettle of Chinese purple sand" Was given to the Zulu King of South Africa as a friendly exchange gift between China and South Africa.

In June 2017, the first "Chinese Culture and Natural Heritage Day"-The "World Heritage Yongheng Award" Ceremony was held ceremoniously.That evening, the organizers of the event awarded the "Yong Heng Public Service Medal" To the enterprises such as Air China City, Rong Hui Culture, TONYWOOD, Geely Automobile, which made painstaking efforts and selfless contributions to the cause of Yongheng Public Welfare.

In June 2017, the first "Chinese Culture and Natural Heritage Day" Was launched in Yunnan.In the special gift section, Mr. Song Ningjie of the Rong Hui Culture"Concentric dream"The special collection disk was given to Ms. Lian Fang, the president of the founding association of Yunnan Natural and Cultural Heritage Promotion Association.Meanwhile,"Concentric dream"The special collection disk was awarded the title of the first Chinese Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, the first Chinese Culture and Natural Heritage Day.

In July 2017, the "Treasure of the Nation" China Jingde Town Ceramic Culture Exhibition was opened in Beijing CPPCC Museum of Literature and History, and held a series of activities such as ceramic art performance, academic lectures, media open day and so on.The exhibition scene, a special creation to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's returned to china"Concentric dream"The collection of large disks was particularly striking.

In July 2017, "Iron Blood Army Soul ·build Dream China" Porcelain capital dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army"The prosperity of the world"The special collection of porcelain first and tasting was held in Nanchang Jiangxi Art Museum.More than 200 leaders, guests, experts and masters from the cultural, arts and crafts circles gathered together to review the history of military construction and recalled the extraordinary years, and witnessed a thousand years of porcelain craftsmanship."The prosperity of the world"The grand release of special collection porcelain.

In July 2017, the 90th anniversary of the founding of the army hot blood war system"Construction of the army"The grand premiere of the red carpet and the viewing of the film were held in Beijing, with 31 actors, such as director Liu Weiqiang, the chief planning and artistic director Han San-ping, the producer Huang Jianxin and actors Liu Ye, Zhu Yawen, Huo Jianhua, Zhang Tianai, and other actors and actresses attending. The unprecedented lineup has excited the audience.At the same time, the film's official exclusive authorisation of art"The prosperity of the world"Special collection of porcelain also shocked the appearance of the venue, the first cultural collection of the first to help build the army.

In September 2017, "Looking for the Beauty of Enamel" ""And" Baoding" Cloisonne's premiere was held at the Beijing Ronghui Art Museum.On the same day, the The Imperial Palace Hall of Taihe Temple as the archetype of the creation ""And" Baoding" Cloisonne was also officially listed and issued.

In October 2017, "The opening exhibition of the 60th anniversary of the art of master Zhang Tonglu, the first man of cloisonne, China"Great power"General's respect & Silk enamel"The map of thousand miles of mountain and river"The inaugural ceremony was held at the Beijing Ronghui Art Museum. 60 pieces of cloisonne treasures from Zhang Tonglu engaging in the art 60 years made a gorgeous appearance, the commemorative edition "Enamel double absolutely""Great power"General and silk enamel"The map of the thousand li River"Officially were listed and issued.


In January 2016, "The 4th「2015」The annual meeting of Chinese arts and crafts collection and the opening ceremony of Jingdezhen Cultural Exhibition Center” were held in Beijing Ronghui Art Museum.At the same time with the annual meeting of the "National Master of Arts and Crafts and Jingdezhen ancient kiln ceramics reburning treasures exhibition", the collection of ceramics, cloisonne, purple sand, silk inlay, carved lacquer and other different arts and crafts masters of the year boutique.

In June 2016, the first China Enamel Art Exhibition was held in Beijing.Hundreds of arts and crafts leaders, experts, masters of art, as well as cultural and collection circles gathered together to appreciate the beauty of enamel.On the same day, Beijing's first government-led Gongmei Fund, "Beijing Master of Arts and Crafts Investment Fund" Was also launched at the same time.

In July 2016, Beijing The Imperial Palace Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. and Ronghui Culture formally reached a strategic cooperation, "Beijing The Imperial Palace Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. Wenchuang Center" Officially listed in Ronghui.Therefore, Ronghui Culture will work hand in hand with The Imperial Palace culture, on the basis of "Common creativity, Cooperative Development", in the "Royal Jade, Royal Enamel, Royal Ceramics, Royal Gold" Four areas of in-depth cooperation.


In January 2015, the third (2014)The Annual meeting of Chinese Arts and Crafts Collection and the Annual Exhibition of Master of Arts and Crafts was held in Beijing.Chinese arts and crafts masters Yin Xiuyun, Wen Gan-gang, Li Chunke, Zhang Tiecheng, Liu Tongbao, Zhu Bingren, and other industry masters, as well as leaders, experts and collectors from the arts and crafts circles, attended the annual meeting to review the current development situation of Chinese arts and crafts in 2014. And prospects the new year arts and crafts market development trend and new opportunity.

In March 2015, Beijing Ronghui and Jingde Town ancient kiln folklore exhibition area cooperation in the ancient kiln kiln in the Ming Hulu kilnwas conducted to open kiln.Beijing the Palace Museum famous ancient ceramic expert Ye Peran, National Art Expo researcher Zhou Ronglin and other people to the scene, jointly opened this exciting moment.

In June 2015, Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts, expert of Tangka Appraisal, Mr. Sihedo, and so on, visited the exhibition hall.

In June 2015, "Fuyun Yongzhuan ·201,500 art hundred pot master treasures exhibition" Was held in Beijing with grand opening.For the first time, the exhibition gathers 100 pieces of the purple sand, ceramics, jade, gold, silver, copper, iron and cloisonne, as well as over 40 art treasures of top artists, to comprehensively demonstrate the development of modern Chinese pot culture and art. It represents the highest level of the development of Chinese pot art.

In July 2015, "The Oriental Lion Dance""Tai He treasure seal""Shocked the first, and held a grand collection ceremony, as the Chinese people's victory in the War of Resistance against Japan fell to the memorial hall permanent collection.This paragraph"Tai He treasure seal"Is the Chinese people's victory in the War of Resistance to surrender memorial hall the only official authorization of major souvenirs.

In September 2015, Guo Feng, the first person, famous musician and artist of Chinese original Music, visited the Ronghui Art Center and visited the Ronghi Exhibition Hall.While appreciating the fine exhibits, Guo Feng gave high praise and recognition to the fine works of art and the art activities held in recent years.

In October 2015, China's "Ceramic art 100" Strength list award ceremony was held in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital, at the China Ceramics Museum. Hundreds of industry leaders, experts, artists and representatives of authoritative news media and collectors participated in the ceremony witnessed the birth of ceramic art awards of the year.


In February 2014, "Chinese cultural relics identification", "The first Chinese ancient ceramic identification" Mr. Geng Baochang and Mr. Song Ningjie of Ronghui made an exchange and discussion on the development and innovation of Chinese traditional arts and crafts.At the same time ,Mr Geng Baochang specially collected"A dream of Red Mansions twelve art palette".

In March 2014, the 29th Beijing International gift, gifts and Household goods Exhibition was held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing.(Old museum) With the grand opening.As a leading organization focusing on the high-end luxury arts and crafts in China, the Beijing Ronghui has been invited to Beijing China International Exhibition Center No.6 Hall, attracting a large number of spectators.

In April 2014, "Beyond the classic universal ceremony-"A dream of Red Mansions twelve color plate"The grand view of the art was held at the Museum of Culture and Art of the Dream of Red Mansions in the Grand View Garden of Beijing.

In April 2014, the first “Global Ambassador Cultural Forum” Was successfully held in the Bird's Nest.In the event, the Beijing Ronghui created and organized "A dream of Red Mansions twelve art palette"As a gift appointed by the Global Ambassadors' Cultural Forum, Huang Kangming, the Vice Mayor of Jingde Town, presented a grand gift to more than 20 ambassadors to China such as Italy, Canada, Belarus, Japan and so on.

In April 2014, The English version of "Global Times" Celebrates the fifth anniversary of its founding at the National Stadium Bird's Nest.Beijing Ronghui and German Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and other enterprises together obtained The “Global Gold Partnership” Award issued by "Global Times"

In May 2014, "Love and Silence-Chen Qin ink porcelain rhyme art exhibition" Was held.In addition to the experts in the field of arts and crafts, famous Chinese rock singers Cui Jian, Zang Tianshuo and others cross the border to express the congratulations.

In May 2014, Jingde Town Green Space International Ceramic Culture Tourism City Global Festival was held in Jingde Town of China Dragon Square. The greenbelt Group and ICA, UCCA, Ronghui Art Center and other well-known art institutions, as well as Wang Xiliang, Zhou Guozhen and other famous ceramic masters signed green global strategic think-tank agreement, hoping to build a bridge between local ceramic artists and foreign artists.

In June 2014, "From cattle to sheep eyebrow exhaled-national treasure master cloisonne Zhang Tonglu full series exhibition" Opened in Beijing.Chinese arts and crafts master Zhang Tonglu closed the door two years ago thank guest, meditate creation, this time he carries more than 50 pieces of cloisonne series treasures to display.His new creation of cloisonne for the year of the Sheep ""Sheep" Eyebrow exhale" ,"Great auspiciousness"Silk enamel paintings and other important works were released for the first time.

In July 2014, the "Star of tomorrow" 2014 China Purple 100 Art Exhibition was opened in Beijing.The event, which began on 2013, has called on all renowned masters and academically appointed professors in the contemporary Chinese purple sand industry to form an authoritative expert organizing committee, which will be deeply rooted in Yixing for six months. The final selection from more than a thousand purple sand works out of 100 pure artisanal purple sand treasures, can be described as "Amoy yellow sand before see gold.".

In July 2014, "The first Art Market value Construction Award" Cum"Favorite investment guide"The 4th Anniversary celebration was held at the National Museum. Mr. Song Ningjie was awarded the "Best Discovery Award":Art broker "Award.

In July 2014, the "11th academic Symposium on the History of Science and Technology of ethnic minorities in China and the 4th traditional Arts Forum" Was ended in Chifeng.On the same day, Mr. Jin Jianfan, Vice President of the Chinese Culture Promotion Association, and Ms. Zhang Shurong, Deputy Director of the China Light Industry Jewelry Center, jointly unveiled the "Chinese Culture Promotion Association Handicraft Revitalization Center". Beijing Ronghui was elected the director of the Arts and Crafts Center at the General Assembly.

In August 2014, "Emperor Jane play, Jijin Yongzang" The traditional craftsman Chen Qiaosheng Bronze Furnace Art Exhibition was held a grand opening ceremony in Beijing.Master Chen Qiaosheng, a Chinese traditional craftsman, came to the opening ceremony with more than 100 pieces of fine copper furnaces, and shared with experts, masters and Tibetan friends in Jijin Guanghua.

In August 2014, the 30th Beijing(Autumn)International Gift, Gift and Household goods Exhibition was grandly opened at China International Exhibition Center, Beijing(Old museum).The Beijing Ronghui sparkles out at No.6 Hall of the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing.

In October 2014, Beijing Ronghui officially donated to Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall"A dream of Red Mansions twelve art palette"The series of porcelain plates will be permanently treasured by Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall and will be displayed publicly for the public.

In November 2014, the signing and licensing ceremony of the college students' internship practice base was held in Mingde Building, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University.Representatives of 11 enterprises, such as the Ronghui, the China porcelain House Museum, the National Middle School Art Museum, and so on attended as a representative.

In December 2014, “The 9th China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo” Was held in Beijing.In order to commend the Ronghui Art Center in 2014 to launch the "China's' ceramic art 100 'Strength list," and other cultural innovation industry project,"Reference News"Special award of the honor "2014 art industry excellent operation organization" title.

In December 2014, it was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Arts and Crafts Society, the Chinese traditional Arts and Crafts Research Association and the Chinese Culture Promotion Association's Handicraft Promotion Center. The 2014 "Ceramic art 100" Award presentation ceremony and collection value forum held by the Beijing Ronghui was held in Beijing.


In January 2013, the first(2012)The annual gathering of Chinese arts and crafts opened grandly in Beijing.As the first grand ceremony of Chinese arts and crafts industry, the annual meeting will be the first comprehensive integration of the cultural, art, arts and crafts, collection experts to make an annual combing of the present situation and development of Chinese arts and crafts by standing at a new height, and the exhibition of the fine arts and crafts master of China will be held at the same time as the annual meeting, the exhibition includes ceramics, cloisonne, silk mosaic, lacquer carving, purple sand, and so on. Present an unprecedented arts and crafts gluttonous feast for the New year of the capital city .

In January 2013, master enamel's cross-boundary annual masterpiece"Peaceful" Has been shown to the public for the first time, which is as an important piece of Chinese arts and crafts that has revolutionized the old and developed the new. "Peaceful"Enamel Daji Zhun is another cross-boundary model of Chinese arts and crafts master Zhang Tonglu and Jingde Town enamel porcelain inheritor Xiong Jianjun.

In March 2013, the 27th “Beijing International Gift, Gifts and Household goods Exhibition” Was held.As a leading brand focusing on the high-end Chinese art and luxury goods, Ronghui has been invited to Beijing's China International Exhibition Center Pavilion No. 6 to meet exhibitors from all the industries to show the innovative outlook of the contemporary national art treasures.

In June 2013, Jingde Town National "Cultural Heritage Day" Series activities were held in ancient kiln in Jingde Town ceremoniously. Mr. Song Ningjie, the director of Beijing Ronghui, was invited to assist in this series of activities.

In June 2013, in response to the national cultural industry development strategy to promote the prosperity and development of Chinese ceramic art, sponsored by the reference News Office, Jingde Town Cultural Industry Center, guided by Xinhua Collection Network, "2013 Jingde Town 'Ceramic art 100' Strength list", the Chinese Academy of Arts and Crafts, was launched in Jingde Town mass cultural activity center.

In June 2013,"The nine day"Cloisonne was gifted to the president of the Republic of Korea by President Xi Jinping, when he came to visit China."The nine day"Cloisonne as a national ceremony, so that the cloisonne once again be shown with the perfect artistic posture in front of the world,which become the most popular Tibetan contemporary master works of 2013, attracting the world attention, spreading for the times!!!

In July 2013, "Celadon Tai Dou Ye Hongming’s 80th Birthday Banquet and Art 55 Years’ Collection Exhibition" Was held in Beijing.Master Ye Hongming communicated with the tibetans face to face, together with Ye Lao to feel the beautiful charm of the private collection of celadon treasures.

In August 2013, the Beijing Arts and Crafts Conference was held in Beijing.At the meeting, Beijing Ronghui and other 121 enterprises entered into the "Gongmei aircraft Carrier"-Beijing Gongmei United Enterprise Group.

In September 2013, the "Ceramic art 100" Strength list of Jingde Town, China, was presented in Beijing. Dozens of industry leaders, experts and professors announced the results at the site and presented the awards for the award-winning artists.Ninety-six works were placed on the annual list of the "Ceramic art 100", and the award-winning works show the connotation and innovative forms of Chinese ceramic art.

In October 2013, the 21st China(Shenzhen)International Gift and Home products Exhibition(Shenzhen gift exhibition)" Was Held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre,and the Ronghui was invited to join.

In October 2013, Cao Anxiang Zisha Shijia Art Exhibition "Inattentive life blessing" Was opened recently in Beijing Ronghui Art Center. Including"Chinese welfare"More than 80 pieces of the modern purple sand products which includ the purple sand pots have attracted many purple sand lovers and collectors for their unique artistic characteristics and cultural value.

In November 2013, the 8th Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo was officially opened. Beijing Ronghui, a well-known cultural innovation organization in China showed "The Millennium porcelain rhyme" ,"Peaceful" And many of the best creative works of the year, such as enamel,which are stunning and attract a large number of spectators to stop to enjoy them.

In November 2013, "Collection" The 20th Anniversary celebration and the "2013 Art Field of the year" were launched in Beijing. That night, the Beijing Ronghui Art Center won the 2013 "Planning Power Award" In the first "2013 Art Field" Award ceremony.

In November 2013, the first "Art Dialogue economy" Forum was opened during the Beijing Cultural Expo.The Ronghui was invited to participate in the forum to discuss the influence of the corporate collections and private banks on the culture of collection, investment patterns and changes in the attitude and other topics.

In November 2013, "From Palace to Hall" Contemporary decorative Oil painting Exhibition and "The world collection of the collection of precious oil paintings" The premiere will be opened in Beijing.This exhibition will display more than 60 original hand-painted works by eight powerful oil painting artists of Putian City Oil painting Industry Association, which deduce the essence of the oil painting art in the world.

In November 2013, the former vice premier Wu Yi and his party went to visit master Zhang Tonglu studio, in-depth understanding of the cloisonne production technology, and communicate with master Zhang Tonglu on the development of the art of cloisonne.

In December 2013, the Second session(2013)The annual meeting of Chinese arts and crafts collection was held in Beijing International Hotel.This annual meeting once again integrated 300 authoritative experts, scholars and celebrities from China's arts and crafts, collecting, cultural and economic circles, showing the achievements and prosperity of China's arts and crafts innovation in 2013, and made a high summary and the future prospects for it.

In December 2013,"A dream of Red Mansions twelve art palette"The expert seminar was held in Beijing, at the same time for Jingde Town 2014 series of ceramic cultural projects was opened in advance. Dozens of experts and masters gathered together from China Ceramic Industry Association, China Red Mansions Dream Society, China Arts and Crafts Association, Jingdezhen Ceramic Association, representatives of Jingde Town Municipal people's Government, they launched a heated discussion around the creation performance, artistic characteristics and cultural significance of the work.


In April 2012, "The "Twelve years’ whole set of porcelain enamel" Officially unveiled in Beijing, the zodiac was designed by Xiong Jianjun, a inheritor of enamel porcelain in Jingde Town, China. For the first time, the zodiac was displayed in the enamel porcelain, and a grand cultural feast was devoted to the majority of the collectors.

In April 2012, in order to celebrate the success of the official declaration of "Intangible cultural heritage of mankind" in Beijing opera and to commemorate the 118th anniversary of the birth of Master Mei Lanfang, Zisha masters Lv Yaochen and Lv Junjie exchanged and collided with the descendants of Mei's family."The intoxication of the imperial concubine"Mei Lanfang collection of purple sand pot has high cultural value, it was popular in the market when it was once released.

In May 2012, Beijing Chende BMW 7 Series owner's Family Day was held at the Beijing Ronghui Art Center.As the first combination of the world high-end automobile brands and well-known Chinese art institutions, it not only infuses the fresh vitality into the dissemination and promotion of Chinese ceramic art, but also has a positive impact on the traditional art.

In May 2012, After many discussions with "Favorite investment guide" Sponsored by Xinhua News Agency and China Securities News Office, it has decided to carry out the strategic cooperation with Beijing Rong Club, and will introduce more of its collection recommendation and the market concept. Through this way, we hope to the accurate analysis, correct guidance of the collection market .

In July 2012, "Court double, the peak of the Association---Zhang Tonglu, Xiong Jianjun enamel Art National Tour ·Shanghai Station." was launched. The first visit of the two masters to Shanghai brought the first cross-border creations."Auspicious China"Enamel.

In August 2012, the first "China five famous Kiln Master Fine works Exhibition and China Art Ceramics Development Forum" Opened in Beijing Ronghui Art Center.The exhibition of "Ru, Guan, Ge, Jun, Ding" A total of more than 50 contemporary treasures is the the five contemporary famous kiln exhibition with the largest scale in recent years, the highest level, the largest participation of the master, the creation of the longest span .

In September 2012, Qu Shengrui, the inspector of the department of the intangible cultural heritage of the ministry of culture, and Huang Jian, honorary consul of the state of Eritrea in Hong Kong and Macao, together visited the "First Chinese five famous kiln master masterpieces exhibition".

In September 2012, the National Tour of the Enamel Art of Zhang Tonglu and Xiong Jianjun, the imperial court double, the summit meeting, was widely received and praised after the complete success of the Beijing and Shanghai stations.The third station, Guangzhou Station, is officially launched.

In September 2012, "Auspicious China" Won a special gold medal in Beijing's "Gongmei Cup" in 2012, and was invited to the Baodao Taiwan exhibition, which was highly recognized by the overseas experts.

In October 2012, after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou stations, Zhang Tonglu, "The first person in China's cloisonne" And Xiong Jianjun, "The first person in Jingde Town, China," Together came to Chengdu to witness with Rongcheng collectors."Auspicious China"Enamel,which is a creation in the history of arts and crafts.

In November 2012, "Luxury goods in China Summit" And"The quality of wealth"The ceremony opened in Carlton Hotel, Shanghai.The Beijing Ronghui Art Center has become the only designated partner in the high-end collection of luxury goods at the China Summit.


In May 2011, "Mountain and Water United together-Ceramic combination"""Fuchun Shanju Graph"""The event was together held by Wang Menghu, a famous Chinese landscape painter and national first-class artist, and Yang Shuhua, a famous landscape porcelain painting from Jingde Town. .Reveal the mask of the collection porcelain of "Fuchun Shanju Graph" Specially created with two sides of the strait for the handed down the national treasure "Fuchun Shanju Graph" And it has been confirmed for the permanent collection by the Zhejiang Provincial Museum.

In June 2011, Master Ye Hongming's celadon first appeared at the Rong Club. The 78-year-old Ye Lao personally came to the scene from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province to have a face-to-face conversation with the collectors from all over the country. It has been highly recognized and sought after by many Tibetan friends.

In September 2011, Jingde Town Special event for the 100th Anniversary of the Revolution of 1911"Source vein"The National ceremony and Collection of the porcelain appreciation was held in Beijing.This witnessed the historical moment of cross-strait dialogue on 2005, the Guoli porcelain bottle again appeared, was greatly favored.

In December 2011, "Court stunt, summit meeting"-China's cloisonne Taiduo Zhang Tonglu, Chinese enamel porcelain inheritor Xiong Jianjun enamel art and cum"Auspicious China"The rich and noble enamel appreciation meeting "Ended in Beijing. "Auspicious China"As soon as it appeared, it became the focus of the attention. More than 20 well-known domestic media, including CCTV, Beijing Television, Xinhua News Agency and China News Service, paid close attention to the publication of the work for the first time.


In December 2010, the "Inheriting China's intangible cultural heritage, guarding the spiritual homeland" As the concept of the art development was grand opening in Beijing's 22 courtyard art block, It has provided a large-scale and brand-new platform for the ceramic appreciation and cultural exchange for the nation's porcelain lovers. At the same time, A 7-day brilliant imprint---the exhibition of blue and white porcelain specimens in the Yuan of China was also opened on the same day, which provided the national ceramic hobby a rare opportunity to appreciate and exchange.


In May 2008, "Beijing Olympic ceremony""Perpetual peace"National ceremony blue plum bottle collection was fired successfully, in Beijing Chaoyang District Cultural Center, it is the first time to be limited display of the distribution to the public officially.

November 2008,"Honor and glory"Master Cirong won the gold medal of the 4th international patent and famous brand exposition;In December, the forum of Chinese contemporary ceramic artists and master porcelain masters' evaluation was held in Beijing. Ten famous Chinese artists, such as the one from the Palace Museum, made a grand recommendation to the collection circles.


In 2007, Beijing Ronghui Culture was established in Beijing.

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