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"Qinyuanchun"Master Xuejing rare porcelain

"Qinyuanchun"Master Xuejing rare porcelain

Craft:Pink snowscape porcelain

Specifications:Height 44.5cm

Master:Ling Zongzheng, a famous Chinese ceramic artist

Brief introduction:

Ling Zongzheng, "Master of Snow View of the Chinese Generation", blend the artistic conception of the leader of the next generation, Mao Zedong’s poetry-"Qinyuanchun.Snow" into painting, fired into porcelain, displays the great scenery of magnificent mountains, rivers and snow in a unique way with rich layers and expressive force, bold and vigorous, its artistic conception is far-reaching. As the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese War of Resistance against Japan, the strong national style and characteristics of the times are arised on the porcelain, the picture of a round of red sun vividly show the prosperity of prosperity and prosperity!

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