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"Great auspiciousness"Silk enamel painting

"Great auspiciousness"Silk enamel painting

Brief introduction:

"Great auspiciousness" silk enamel painting using master Zhang unique secret cloisonne paint, constitutes a delicate picture of the moon view, rich color application makes the whole picture gorgeous extraordinary. The statue of Guan Yin in the painting is outstanding, inlaiding with five red agate, particularly gorgeous, her shoulders draped in light gauze, her expression is gentle and peaceful, giving people a auspicious tranquil, auspicious and peaceful sense of extraordinary. After special treatment, the screen not only retains the natural luster of the original glaze, but also has a unique stereoscopic effect. The production process is extremely complicated, and the unique charm of the superb technique of "enamel Zhang" is fully displayed. It is a representative of the superb skill of the master of cloisonne.

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