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"Jade Enamel Box"

"Jade Enamel Box"

Craft:Jade carving

Specifications:About 25*6.5cm

Master:Zhang Tiecheng, Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts

Shen Wenguang, Master of Arts and Crafts in Beijing

Brief introduction:

"Jade Enamel Box" is the first batch of master works of "Beijing Master of Arts and Crafts Investment Fund" and the "Belt and Road" strategy-a pioneer of cultural strategy. Its creativity combines cloisonne art and jade carving art perfectly, which was a pioneer of the cross-material integration of the royal royal cloisonne and Xinjiang Hetian Meiyu. Its main tone is blue,adopted curly grass pattern in the mogao grottoesas cave as the main pattern , combined with the Han Dynasty dragon design, showed decorative patterns and white jade clever fusion, and elegant style with full of refinement.The jade piece is taken from 2008 Beijing Olympic Games "gold inlaid jade" champion medal reserve jade material with the gold medal quality and the same lineage.

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