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"Auspicious China"Rich enamel

"Auspicious China"Rich enamel

Craft:Copper tyre thread enamel, enamel color

Specifications:About 62cm high

Master:Zhang Tonglu, Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts

Xiong Jianjun, first person of Chinese enamel porcelain

Brief introduction:

"Auspicious China", rich and dignified, simple and elegant, beautiful and generous, its production is the first combination of "enamel double absolutely": the copper tyre pinched the silk enamel and the porcelain tire painted the enamel. Both of them are national intangible cultural heritage, and the combination of them is considered to be "an extension of the heritage of ancient Chinese craft from the angle of innovation". The works represent the highest production standards and artistic achievements of cloisonne and enamel. "Longteng prosperous times, auspicious four seas", these two masters will be the essence of Chinese palace culture perfect display in front of the world, from the perspective of innovation of China's intangible cultural heritage, it is a vivid interpretation of inheritance and development.

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