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"Bright prospect"Platinum crystal cloisonne

"Bright prospect"Platinum crystal cloisonne

Craft:Silk enamel painting

Specifications:The center of painting is about 28 cm in diameter

Brief introduction:

Master Zhang Tonglu was born in 1942, whose Chinese zodiac was horse. Master Zhang Tonglu, who devoted himself to the creation of nearly one year, grandly introduced innovative his work-"Bright prospect". With its original interpretation of "silk enamel painting", it has become a new milestone in the history of cloisonne craft development. "Silk Enamel painting" is a new variety of cloisonne, which is developed by Master Zhang Tonglu on the basis of traditional cloisonne production technology. After decades of sedimentation, he has made bold innovations in cloisonne. On the basis of the traditional cloisonne's profound technology, it keeps pace with the times, developing and innovating, and creating an important milestone in the history of the development of cloisonne handicrafts in China.

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