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"Sheep" eyebrow exhale" Auspicious treasure

"Sheep" eyebrow exhale" Auspicious treasure

Brief introduction:

2015 is not only the second year of the sheep and the 66th anniversary of the motherland, but also the 56th anniversary of cloisonne Taiduo Zhang Tonglu from the art, on the occasion of this opportunity, master Zhang Tonglu decided to solemnly commemorate this historical moment with a piece of cloisonne that the world has never seen before. He skillfully combined cloisonne's skill with the essence of cloisonne for 600 years, taking the Chinese zodiac animal "sheep" as the main element, with a big sheep lifting its head and raising its chest in the middle, and the young sheep on both sides went hand in hand with each other, and hidden the word "Tai" to echo each other. Decorated with 132 patterns of sheep characters and 144 precious materials, such as agate and pine stone, the year of the Goat, which reflects social values, fits the theme of the times, praying for the New year at a time of ups and downs in China's economic development, bearing in mind the classics.

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