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Silk mosaic"Good luck"

Silk mosaic"Good luck"

Craft:Silk mosaic

Master:Wang Shuwen, Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts

Brief introduction:

"Good luck"’s gold wire, gold plated with 99 sterling silver, using nine kinds of precious jade, including jadeite, white jade, blue stone, arong stone, turquoise, wooden mule and Xiuyu, compounds Chinese traditional auspicious meaning "nine jade peace", plus the ruby decorated on the whole body, it is a total of 10 kinds of precious stones, which means "Nine jade, highly safe". Nine kinds of jade plus saddle, bottle, these symbolic meanings together constitute "peace and happiness". The whole piece of work is made meticulously and beautifully, the golden silk is dazzling, the shape is elegant and beautiful, more demonstrate the court style, fully display the charm of Chinese handicraft, and it wishes the motherland peace and prosperity.

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