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World Collection of rare Oil paintings

World Collection of rare Oil paintings

Specifications:Eight / set

Master:Eight Contemporary practical Oil painting artists

Traits:Cai Qigeng, an expert in Chinese Oil painting

Brief introduction:

To commemorate the introduction of oil painting into China for 400 years, "The world collection of precious oil paintings" completely collects eight world-class masters of art from the early Renaissance to contemporary classic oil paintings, including some famous works, like da Vinci"The sable girl"Van Gogh ""Long river" starry night" Jacob Louis David"Napoleon", Picaro"Pengduowazi garden"Monet"Water lily"Renoir"Sister", and so on, they were meticulously drawn by eight contemporary practical oil painting artists. It let the top European art come into ordinary life, creating an artistic atmosphere for the space environment, which is very ornamental and decorative.

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