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"King canoe King" Nine pieces set of plum

"King canoe King" Nine pieces set of plum

Material:Purple sand

Specifications:A pot, four cups, four plates

Master:Gu Jingzhou retransmits disciple Xia Ruijuan, national arts and crafts teacher

Production of:Cao Jinglou, an expert at The Imperial Palace

Brief introduction:

In order to give gifts to Master Gu Jingzhou on the centenary of his birth, Xia Ruijuan, disciple of Gu Jingzhou taking "Nine head plum tea" as the prototype,creates "King canoe King" nine pieces set of plum with all respect, including a pot, four cups and four plates. ""Nine head" plum tea",a competitive product made of redware, was created by Gu Jingzhou in the 70s at his peakedness moment, which is an extremely rare Gu’s works,and was regarded as a benchmark of a generation of kettle king's work.This time, Nine pieces of "King canoe King" Plum Blossom Extol creating by Master Gu Jingzhou’s disciple, who made it by hand according to the original, indicates the extraordinary significance.

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