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 Purple Clay Teapot
"Chinese welfare"Four famous mountains purple sand pot

"Chinese welfare"Four famous mountains purple sand pot

Material:Purple sand

Specifications:Four pots / sets

Master:Cao Anxiang, a famous Chinese artist of purple sand

Brief introduction:

With the vicissitude and development of China's historical civilization for thousands of years, the blessing culture is the concept of life and values of the Chinese nation. "Chinese welfare", for the first time, the purple sand pot of the four famous mountains  gathers "four famous mountains-Jinwutai, Yinputuo, copper Emei, iron Jiuhua" fortune, On the other side is the calligraphy inscription, they are "fortune value", "futune result", "futune reward" and "futune source" by four famous mountain temple abbot. It is unique with the combination of the blessing culture and the carving art, and it has both Zen meaning and elegant artistic taste, forming the innovative style that distinguished from its kind. With the profound cultural connotation of the purple sand, the auspicious meaning ,"fortune is in the hand,  fortune Is full of the universe", is an integral whole。

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