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Ten famous historical pots of purple sand in China

Ten famous historical pots of purple sand in China

Material:Purple sand

Specifications:Ten pots / sets

Master:Chen Hongmei, national arts and crafts division

Production of:Cao Jinglou, an expert at The Imperial Palace

Products:Collection and Appraisal Committee of the Chinese Heritage Society

Brief introduction:

In 2013, the "7th China Yixing International Ceramic Culture and Art Festival" was successfully held, and Yixing, China's "pottery capital", officially announced China's "Ten Classical Purple Sand". In order for the ten famous pots to be handed down forever, For the first time, the work reproduces the ten classic redware pots in history. For the first time, it includes "Gong Chun pot"  created by the redware founder, Gong Chun, in Ming Dynasty, "The Shipiao pot" made by Chen Mansheng, master of redware in Qing dynasty, "The drop ball pot", "Dragon fish pot", "Faucet Bagua a bundle of bamboo pots",  made by Mater Shao Daheng,, "Antique pot" made by a famous master of purple sand, Cheng Shouzhen, "Well Hurdles pot" made by Yang Pengnian, a purple sand twin, "Wind rolls pot" created by Yang Fengnian, "Primula pot" by Zhu Kexin, a modern pot artist, and "The kettle" Created by gu Jingzhou.

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