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60 cm Plate of Official Kiln


Specifications:About 60cm in the diameter

Master:Ye Hongming, the Celadon Master of the Resurrection of the National Treasure

Brief introduction:In 2010, Ye Hongming's celadon works "Official Kiln Plate" Was at the spring art auction held in Shenzhen in2010, the sale of 1.12 million yuan which rocked the industry, and this is the highest auction price ever produced in contemporary celadon.This official kiln plate has the openplate, paste glaze mouth, the bottom "Ye Hongming Made" Four-character double-line seal printed, plain disk shape, rich glaze layer, looks like the jade ice, which is crystal moisturizing.This official kiln plate got the gold award in the first five famous kilns "Guan, Ge, Ru, Ding, Jun" master works' evaluation held on December 12th 2002.

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