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39 cm Official Kiln Iron Wire Square Bottle


Specifications:About 39cm in the diameter

Master:Ye Hongming, the Celadon Master of the Resurrection of the National Treasure

Brief introduction:On the morning of December 9th 2012, Ye Hongming's works were presented at the auction of "China Wind •Contemporary Chinese Ceramic Art Exhibition" Held at the Huanglong Hotel in Hangzhou. Ye Hongming's work "Imperial dragon image shaped ears bottles"Set off a climax in the auction.After dozens of rounds of bidding, to finish the transaction with 800,000 yuan.Ye Hongming's workmanship is unique.According to the principle of different expansion coefficient of foetal glaze, the figurative opening of Guanyao kiln is completed by the secondary heat treatment process. It is the first in the world to change the irregular opening into regular opening, and on the glaze of the product, it can be made out like the dragon, phoenix and so on. It is an innovative product of traditional ceramic technology combined with the modern science and technology.In 1984, his related works were presented to the British Parliament by the delegation of the National Ministry of Light Industry, which was highly praised.

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