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Lotus leaf pot


Specifications:About 32cm high

Master:Ye Hongming, the Celadon Master of the Resurrection of the National Treasure

Brief introduction:Longquan kiln is one of the famous porcelain kilns in the Song Dynasty, founded in the five dynasties, inheriting the tradition of Yue kiln, burning the celadon, and it flourishes until the Southern Song Dynasty.Lotus leaf pot white green porcelain with green glaze, and it is representative of the mainstream of Longquan kiln system.Compared with the black celadon, the white celadon glaze layer is smooth and fine, without the crack,the color of the fetus is white and the fetal bone is thick.The glaze layer is as thick as the clotting fat, which is full and plump;The glaze color is bright, even plain elegant, and the green soft glaze is like the jasper, and it is better than jade.

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