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""Royal feast" porcelain, too"

""Royal feast" porcelain, too"

Craft:Medium glaze porcelain

Specifications:60 Heads

Master:Qin Xilin, Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts

Xia Zhongyong, Master of Chinese Ceramic Art Design

Xiong Xiaohua, Master of Arts and Crafts of Jiangxi Province

Brief introduction:

""Royal feast" porcelain, too" is "the Chinese official kiln sacred fire inheritance action" key promotion project, the work gathers a variety of ancient imperial arts and crafts patterns and the Chinese tradition auspicious pattern decoration, the emperor color-Huang represents elegant and majestical, displays the royal demeanor;The extreme craft complying the royal standard, demonstrates the luxurious quality.The whole set of tableware can be said to be a collection of practical and artistic as one of the modern art boutique.

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