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China's first collection of five famous kilns

China's first collection of five famous kilns

Master:Meng Yusong, Master of Chinese Ceramic Art

Li Yuening, Director of Guanyao Research Institute in Southern Song Dynasty

Chen Aiming, Master of Chinese Ceramic Art

Kong Xiangqing, Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts

He Huan, Master of Chinese Ceramic Art

Specifications:The diameter of sunflower washing in Ruyao celadon glaze is 13cm

Official kiln powder green glaze chord bottle height 21cm

Guoyao fish ear furnace 25cm high

Junyao rose purple halberd height 24cm

Ding kiln white glaze carved jade pot spring bottle height 25cm

Brief introduction:

In order to respond positively to the call for the protection of the national cultural heritage and to promote the development and inheritance of the ceramic art of the five famous kilns, five famous kiln representatives and dozens of famous ceramic experts were specially invited to go deep into various kilns for investigation and study, who were meticulously selected and devoted to research and development. Strictly in accordance with the ancient porcelain craftsmanship of the Song Dynasty, they legendarily make the five famous porcelain of the Song Dynasty-the first set of China's five famous kiln treasures reappear, and the works concentrated on the display of the five famous kiln art features, highlighting the Millennium Chinese inside details.

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