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"King of the palace of the palace of Qing Dynasty"

"King of the palace of the palace of Qing Dynasty"

Craft:Pink porcelain

Specifications:Painted character teapot 12.6cm high

The character of Kaiguang Garden in Pink painting, the character of poem teapot is 17.4 cm high.

Yellow ground with powdery colors, open courtyard, goldman enjoying tea picture, high 12. 6cm

Creative team:Zhang Pusheng, member of the National Heritage Appraisal Commission

Ye Hongming, the Master of reviving the National Treasure

Huang Yunpeng, Master of Chinese Ancient Ceramic Arts and Crafts

Brief introduction:

Belonging to Chinese official Kiln succession Action 2011 masterpiece, "Poems and porcelain painting" combined with Qianlong imperial treasure pot, "King of the palace of the palace of Qing Dynasty"’s craft is extremely tedious, including the court stunt techniques such as rolling road, Jindi, Kaiguang, calligraphy and painting, gold painting, etc., the picture is magnificent, the scene is lifelike, representing the highest standard of Chinese porcelain industry, it can be described as official kilns in official kilns.It is the most valuable porcelain treasure ,worthy of handing down from generation to generation in a family!

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