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Longquan celadon ceremony ""Phoenix" bottle"

Longquan celadon ceremony ""Phoenix" bottle"

Craft:Longquan celadon

Specifications:25cm high

Master:Ji Youquan, Master of Arts and Crafts of Zhejiang Province

Brief introduction:

Converging ancient and modern essence,to create the famous work of the world.The Longquan celadon, which combines Chinese jade culture, Confucian culture and porcelain culture, has been handed down through the thousand years of kiln fire, and has once again appeared in the World Internet Congress, making its appearance in Wuzhen, a water town in the southern part of the Yangtze River, where the thick cultural heritage has been transmitted across the border.Longquan celadon "Phoenix" bottle" takes the "god bird" -Phoenix for the shape, merging modern aesthetic, displays an elegant shape with soft glaze such as jade, meaning Jiqing auspicious.

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