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Fine impersonation"Doucai chicken cylinder Cup"

Fine impersonation"Doucai chicken cylinder Cup"

Craft:Glazed porcelain

Specifications:Diameter 8 cm

Master:Xiong Jianjun, inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Jiangxi Province

Lin Weiguo , China's light industry(Ceramic)Designer

Brief introduction:

With the Cheng Hua Times colorful gamecock pot cup in Ming Dynasty as the archetypal burning creation, it looks like a wine cup, shaped like a cylinder, using the mother chicken as the subject matter, decorated with cave stone flowers, indicates that there is a happy family with great fortune.In April 8th 2014, Hong Kong Sotheby's spring auction, Ming Chenghuatou colorful chicken pot cup set a record 281.24 million Hong Kong dollars auction, creating a myth. Fine imitating and forming"Colorful Gamecock Cylinder Cup", the essence of the original works can be said to be the best in the cultural collection.

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